New Sensation

I’m getting to a position where I can start to move forward with some confidence.

I set myself the target this week of clearing what had become an increasingly cluttered work space. It has taken two days, but distinct progress has been made, and I now feel I’m able to start crafting lists without overstretching myself or being unrealistic over targets. My biggest issue, without exception, is taking on too much and then ending up feeling as it I’ve failed because not everything gets done. The first major objective in 2017 is Realism. That means an understanding of what I am capable of doing, and still pushing myself without ending up going too far.


I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone I’ve let down in the past as a result of me overreaching. I know I have, that this is one of my biggest single failings. It is why my Christmas gifts are still here waiting to be boxed and sent, and are yet to leave the house. They will do however, in the New year, with the level of detail and commitment I wanted to have accompany them from the word go. Then, once I’ve finally cleared the decks of everything that was promised, I can move on with New Stuff (TM). This way, I can work on things in small, bite sized chunks, and not end up getting bogged down feeling as if I’ve simply taken on too much.


That means this morning/afternoon making the first of many checklists that will be ticked off as the next month goes on. I’ve given myself until the end of January to get a set list of things ‘done’ and then, at the end of Week Four, we will sit down and assess how successful January was in terms of physical achievement. I’m also going to set my lists up in better defined orders. I’ll have one for Exercise, another for Internet gubbins, and one of Physical Attainment (and by that I don’t mean how many chin ups I can do, but that will feature on the Exercise list.) I’ve bought an A4 journal and will be employing my cack-handed form of Bullet Journaling in the hope that this will help further organise an increasingly agile mind.

After all, it isn’t just my body that requires constant maintenance going forward.