Moving On Up

Husband is back to work, but kids don’t go back until Thursday. Therefore the next two days are full of panic, disbelief and anger as both remember that they have work to do and it can’t be avoided any longer, despite us both urging them to get it done before the last minute. It cannot be helped, sadly, this is a family that does enjoy a good bit of procrastination with it’s gaming sideline. One day, maybe, I can get everybody else out of the habit. Today I could have taken the car to the Doctors, but instead I walked there and back. 25 minutes both ways does, whatever else happens, provide nearly an hour of effort today that could have been done in the Gym but instead benefited from being outside.


It is particularly grim out, for the record. Yesterday was at least bright and sunny, but now it’s all grey and full of elderly people clearly utterly fucked off that kids got bikes for Christmas and are riding on the pavements. There was also a level of shonky driving and distinct lack of car indication that made me think some people could still be drunk from Sunday and that walking was a far more sound method of movement. I will do my best to walk to the Gym whenever possible from now on, but in the mornings it will be preferable to pack a bag and have it in the motor at all times… which reminds me, I could do with replacing the old one. Ah, the joys of Amazon.


I’m back on deadlines starting tonight, and I’ll be honest and say I needed a week off, it’s given me an opportunity to refresh the ideas bank and get myself re-energised for the year ahead. I’m also willingly doing chores ahead of procrastinating in front of the PC to boot.

I wonder how long I can keep it going.