Big Time

We have crossed an important threshold, readers. I have a full on organised exercise plan. It’s over there, taunting me to shove it on my phone. Three times a week, Push and Pull Days, stupidly hard Cardio requirements and I’m now wondering if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. My PT seemed confident I’m capable. I’ve taken on board the task of losing 5 kgs by the end of March. For those of you still working in old money, that’s 11 stone 3 pounds. The plan is set.


Now there’s a plan, I have to record everything. This isn’t nearly as frightening as being given exercises to do down the Grown Up end of the Gym. I have bar lifts and all sorts. It’s incredibly brilliant however, that this is the most organised I’ve ever been in exercise terms. I am ready to accept the challenge. I’ve still not eaten anything bad, and we’re almost 10 days into the month. Tea tastes so much better without the honey. I haven’t craved chocolate yet. It’s becoming apparent that hormones drove an awful lot of my bad eating decisions over the years and now they no longer have a hold on my body? It is possible to kick the habits.


Right now, I can see the body I want beginning to form. What has to happen now is the last push to get to the target weight but that’s nowhere near the whole story. Once get to the finish, I have to stay there. That’s a bigger issue to deal with, long term. I’d still like a home made bread and butter pudding and the occasional slice of cake from time to time, after all. My biggest problem undoubtedly however is never having managed the willpower and ability to set a fitness goal and meet it. 2017 is when that changes.

Bring on the Hard Bastard Exercise Plan :D