I wrote summat down in my Planner this month and was determined to do it, and lo and behold this morning the first draft is finished.

The new job is being adapted into the routine. It is slow going, but I am confident.

There’s still a lot of stuff to tick off on the House related chores list, but I’m not procrastinating nearly as much as I was.

After lunch, the camera and I are going out to take pictures and add steps to the weekly total.

I still haven’t eaten anything unhealthy, and it is 10 days into January.

There’s a contest I’m hoping to enter; very unlikely I’ll win but unless there’s an entry, how do I gain confidence moving forward.

The people around me are good, strong and loyal. They’re not the type to pit me against others. They allow me to be what I am without being pushed to a side.

The boiler’s leaked through the ceiling. I’ve managed to clear up, make good, get a bowl under the offending area and have an engineer booked for tomorrow morning. I can do adulting.

Things are really good today. I still miss you, David.