Learning to Breathe :: Update #1


In Shock News? No weight loss this week. I’m exactly the same. Normally this might be enough to annoy me, but absolutely not today, despite the fact I’m battling demons. This is utterly good enough, because I know I only pushed myself three times last week (and this was during the three exercise sessions I made time for.) There was no extra walking thanks to the boiler incident, and the cold stopped me being outside. Yup, still cold this week but assuming there is no issue with domestic problems I’m organised and ready to insert at least two walks into the schedule. If I can keep my appetite from scuppering everything? I can hope to see that number go down. I can already see the fat on my stomach beginning to break down and diminish.


Therefore, there cannot as yet be any kind of victory dance. HOWEVER, I am confident this is the start of the big step forwards. My PT’s being brilliant, trying to stop me fixating on the weight as my be all and end all, and of course she’s right. I am superbly efficient right now in the converting fat to muscle ‘thing’ and I’m so much stronger than I have ever been. My homework for the week is to keep a strict record of exactly how much exercise gets done and to keep on inputting my food/calories. If I can keep that going, something will finally give.

Yes, it totally will.