Never Surrender

I walk to the Gym when I can, and the quickest route is through a Council estate close to the main road between London and the coast. Yesterday morning, as I made my way past the low white painted houses, I saw a bloke standing outside one, in a bath towel. He didn’t look particularly unhappy or as if he’d had an incident and locked himself out. The man clearly stood, unaffected, towel wrapped around him. As I walked past he watched me with an intensity which was, I’ll admit, disturbing, especially as I was fully clothed and he was most definitely not. However, as soon as I’d left his field of vision? I’d vanished, and a look back confirmed my suspicion. No interest at all. Considering it was just above freezing and he had no shoes on? I suspect many extremities were, by this stage, frozen.

The internet is like that bloke in the towel. It’s really not interested in anything except what turns up within its field of vision. Once there, the intensity of gaze can be debilitating, until you move out of view. Then it is as if you never existed to begin with. Should you decide to stand for a protracted period of time in the same place and invite attention, anything might happen and often does. The only way to remain sane is to keep moving forward and not to stay stuck in the same spot for too long. Sure, you can come back this way later, but its probably safe to wait for the nice man in the bath sheet to get cold and go inside first the Internet to get bored and lose interest. You know, just to be on the safe side.

In conclusion, when you’re having a bad day? Don’t stand in places that make that worse. Keep moving forward, and never look back.