I didn’t write anything yesterday. I was too busy. History will remember it as the day modern women pointed out that yes, cross us at your peril. It was the day where #alternativefacts from the White House made everybody, including the Press, realise that we are most definitely NOT in Kansas any more.

However, we got through it.

There’s far worse to come, of that I am certain. However, at least we now know what to expect.

This is no longer a game. We’re not here to be clever or be covered in glory. It is time to up your game, check your privilege at the door and get down into the fucking filth with everybody else. Your hero status is revoked. You cannot use the past as your CV. Only now, in the moment, will the true saviours of the Planet be forged. The press, who have been fucking shambolic up to this point, will now hopefully understand what they have to deal with. Your fantasies of a ‘West Wing’ style press room are over. The only way you win now is by standing up and being prepared to be shot. I wonder how many people will stick on the flak jackets and wade in.

For the satirists, of course, it’s Christmas and New year rolled into one.

However, when you read past the protest and indignation, there’s an awful lot to do.

Hundreds of thousands of people peacefully protest. There are four arrests (if I believe what I read.) Nobody wears riot gear. Nobody breaks a Starbucks windows. No Nazis are punched. In fact, across the world, millions of women who were personally incensed by the President’s opinions, angry that this man got to be in charge, offended they are considered as merely ‘property’… I assume that the collapse of the social order means all these women should have all stayed at home and done laundry or something. The responses on that tweet vary from right to left with an almost predictable regularity and I’m almost tempted to follow this Sheriff ‘person’ as I suspect it might be a useful counterpoint to what I’m seeing in the majority.

If you think yesterday was the collapse of the social order? That’s hardly the most auspicious of starts to a Presidency, is it?

The biggest single issue I see is truth. If you believe everything Government tells you without doing some basic searching? This is going to be a very blinkered 4 years. Fortunately people are already preparing for this eventuality. It is time to listen to everyone, not just the people you thought you trusted. It’s not just the US doing this either, it transpires my PM may have known more than she let on an abortive Trident launch before a vital Commons vote. The Orange Man is not simply our enemy. The fact Mrs May’s rushing to meet him and trying to make it look like she’s going to be strong for womenkind? Oh shut up Teresa, nobody believes you. All flies are attracted to shit, you can’t avoid it, it’s where your eggs are laid. This woman does not represent my interests anyway, but that’s a Blog Post for another day.

Right now, the satirists are your friends. These are the people who grasp more truth than you are ever likely to hear or see. It is their job to keep up to date with facts so they can destroy the lies and make you laugh as you cry. Listen to these people. Check the truth, at every possible opportunity.

These will be dark days ahead, but together we will overcome them all.

One response to “Beautiful”

  1. My hope after the debacle of the last year or more, is that we get some real journalists. People that do the god damn research, not just a quick skim for the juicy bits. That the news publishes the real truth, not what gets the most headlines. There are so many fake news sites that pop up every day. We use to think those things on gaming news to get clicks were bad, we of all people should know better, but we share, and retweet, and give all the embellished stories merit by sharing it. We all know. The secret to defeating a troll is not to engage it. Personally I would rather people stop poking at the man giving him reason to go off and let the world heal. There is one major reason he won. Because half the people in the US did not believe it mattered who won because the system is beyond corrupt. 25% voted for Hillary, and about 1/3rd the population of New York City less voted for him. And the reason he won was because people wanted change. We have had practically no growth in the GDP in 8 years. We are still fighting a war we were promised we would be out of years ago, people are hurting. Yeah it’s easy to say it’s Obamas fault. I think Trump was right. It’s Obamas fault, Bush’s fault, Clintons, Reagans, Carters, going back decades. We are just the unwashed masses. The smart wealthy people know what’s good for us. There were 13, I believe, congressmen that voted against getting more affordable prescriptions in the US, everyone of them has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from big drug companies. And it persists in all aspects of politics. I think many people are just tired of being lead down the path to ruin. And honestly right now? I think we need a dick in the Whitehouse that is going to call out people in office that are not doing their job.

    I was reading Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. And what stuck out to me was the end. Here is what I propose to solve the problem. It’s a sound idea. Unless you can come up with a better way. Too many years of finger pointing, it’s their fault. No. It is yours for not offering a better solution. I honestly hope he has some plan to fix things. I really do. Because if we go down, there may not be any civilization left here.


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