Little Things

Okay, lot to tear through today, let’s get to it.


Thing #1. You people over there trying to pretend that the World isn’t going to shit, and that if you just ignore all this trauma it’ll just go away. Don’t you DARE start lecturing me. You tried that once before, remember, and look what happened then. I don’t need people trying to be ineffective and woolly right now. What is craved more than anything else is positive, affirmative action. Also, don’t be the person who tries to start a fight about something you know full well will set fire to me or my timeline. Have some fucking compassion, why don’t you. However, to the friend today who declared they were deleting Twitter because they couldn’t cope? You go right ahead. I absolutely do not blame you one iota for just walking away. In fact, I can see more people doing the same.

I’m sorry if I’ve driven people away too, and I know this has happened in places, but I can’t just stand by and say nothing or pretend this isn’t happening. I have to react to it. People need to deal with Extreme Twattery in their own way. This is my way.


Thing #2. If you wanna make me feel better? You don’t tell me to shut up. You most DEFINITELY have no right to inform me of facts that I know are patently untrue. What I need right now are friends that are there for me, and don’t fuck off as soon as things get a bit difficult. Who gave you the right to start imposing YOUR rules on this shit show and that I should be following them because it will make things better? The only way this gets better is when I see someone else in Number 10 and the Americans find someone with a fucking spine to impeach the Orange Twat, because THEN you will take out the real troublemakers. Hey, you keep telling me what a horrible alternative Pence is as President but trust me, next to Bannon he’s a fucking saint.

Right now, I have enough shit to wade through without you adding any more. Maybe next time you dump all your issues on me and I tell you I’m not getting involved, you’ll actually listen.


Thing #3. My weight hasn’t changed since last week. I’ve been working non-stop. There are no let ups and no cake days and in fact no bad shit AT ALL. Honestly, I even went up by 0.1 of a kilo :( There may have been tears, but it wasn’t because of my lack of progress, because if I took pictures now of myself without clothes I wouldn’t recognise myself. My arms are like, COMPLETELY different. Massively huge. My waist is becoming more defined with each session. I can run faster and further, for longer. I feel more energised after every gym trip, and the cold that my son tried to pass onto me has pretty much bounced right off my body. The sadness is that what I want I can’t get. However, when I weigh it up against everything I have?

It is time to finally forget the weight goal. Once and for all, it does not matter. What I have now is a better, stronger me. That matters far more than a statistic, and that’s what will matter most going forward.