Stepping Up

I’m not doing the right kind of exercise.

This is absolutely not a problem: my PT pointed this out yesterday, and I grasp entirely where she is coming from. Pure walking has now become insufficient to burn the calories I require to get my body to shift fat reserves that have existed for a very long time. If I’m going to move the last vestiges of my problem areas, I will have to work for it. That’s why I went to the Gym this morning and ran for 45 minutes before my scheduled Sports Massage. It is why I’ll do the same for the rest of the week (except tomorrow, I have a Mental Health Day with my daughter) and hopefully, by the time I get to next week, we might see some progress.

However, if we don’t, I’m no longer allowing this to derail any progress.


I’m plucking up courage to take some pictures of what has changed. My arms especially, bear no resemblance to the things they were six months ago. To do that, I need to be comfortable, and this is not the best time for this with the other stuff going on with the World, because I am not more than aware how ridiculous vanity seems when the World is going to Fuck. If you’re interested, and you read this, let me know in comments, because that a) tells me who’s reading and b) will provide actual incentive.

Needless to say, Hard Bastard exercise just got even tougher.

2 thoughts on “Stepping Up

  1. Well I am reading, but am sure you know this because I am a regular reader on all of your blog posts. I don’t think it is a vanity issue at all, documenting your progress and vanity are two entirely different things. There should be no reason not to post progress pics if that is what you want to do just because shit is going on elsewhere in the world, post the pics or just take them and keep them to yourself as some serious intrinsic motivation. It should not matter what other people say regarding your fitness/health progress, do it for you and share with your inner circle if you ever find yourself struggling with motivation then when you are finally happy with things it will be time to share it with your wider audience.

    Even though I mentioned in the last paragraph to do it for yourself, I still enjoy reading the update posts as there has quite clearly been a great deal of improvement in your fitness over the last 18 months. One more thing try and stay away from weigh-ins and BMI charts, the are counter-productive, you will know by the way you feel whether things are working or not, obviously take advice form your personal trainer but try not to put too much importance on what the scales say. Keep up the good work :-)


  2. Take pictures for your own use, it keeps perspective on how much you’ve achieved when you’re at risk of getting bogged down by the things you haven’t done yet. You shouldn’t share them if you aren’t comfortable, but it isn’t vanity any more than an artist showing pics of a work in progress.


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