Forget You

Today, despite a distinct and obvious wish to tell the entire planet to fuck right off, I’m doing okay. A list was made of things that Need to be Done and as the day wore on, it did the job pretty well. The problem normally in situations such as these is the overriding and often debilitating need to just go and sleep for the entire time I don’t need to be a grown up. It doesn’t help I’m in a new level of fatigue not previously experienced as body is pushed hard to better things. It also doesn’t help that eating would be de rigeur as distraction, means to sway brain from wanting to think dark and dangerous thoughts. So, I have to work out a new method of deception, that is better than simply living in Social media from dawn to dusk. So far, the Bullet Journal and lots of distraction is doing the job.

My writing skills however have very much gone South for the Winter.


Next week is Half Term, and there will be Novel work, plus getting the Websites to some better form of working order. I’d like to start Early Spring Cleaning after that, because LORD KNOWS this house could use it. After that, everything pretty much revolves around a willing mind. I’m hoping desperately that I get back the desire to write more than just blog posts, and as a push into this I’ve pulled out some old fanfic efforts to take a look at. Then, if all else fails, I can now celebrate that what used to take 50 minutes to complete on a treadmill is now finished in 40. That’s a mahoosive step forward. It is also a significant step up in calorie burning, but most importantly I’m finding recovery times going right down. I think the spoofing is almost complete.

However, undoubtedly the best thing of all about today will be the Nandos I’m about to be served via the wonders of take away. I love this job.