Grey Day

Yesterday, I’ll admit, I ground to a halt. Weather and mental trauma came to a head, and I walked to the shops where the means to make a massive ham and cheese demi-baguette on seeded Sourdough was purchased, before being eaten in one sitting. Then, I noshed a quarter of a chocolate cake (first treat since late December) and then followed a large pie for dinner. No veggies, nothing healthy, I just ATE as if life depended on it and this morning, apart from the stomach ache, I was better for it. My body, which has been brilliant surviving pretty much on subsistence for a fortnight, directed the traffic. What made things better still was being able to get into size 12 underwear for the first time since 2006, and the ten hours of sleep my body afforded me on the back of my massive carbohydrate binge. It never occurred to me it might be food affecting sleep, but now I may reconsider the landscape a bit.


Once the snow stops (nothing more than a token effort) and I’ve done chores I’m off to the Gym for a protracted and much needed workout, because with half term underway I’ll be having to divide time elsewhere, and the business of exercise at the weekend has really begun to matter to me. After that, I’m still not able to get my brain around writing, and to stop stressing myself over this there will be much needed time away from a screen sorting out underwear drawers for new additions and cleaning up unnecessary items in anticipation of Spring’s arrival. There’s a phenomenal amount of crap in this house that is still utterly unnecessary, and it is high time that large portions of it were removed and put elsewhere.

Maybe then I can get on with the business of organising my life as I’d like it.

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