Grey Day

I don’t do ill particularly well, and yesterday was a case in point. I struggled through at least getting to the Gym before it dawned on me that if I pushed myself I’d probably go back weeks, and so came home again. I hauled myself to a Shopping Centre so my son and daughter could indulge themselves plus get presents for friends. Then I crawled into bed at 9pm and managed 8 hours of reasonably solid kip. I’m still immensely dehydrated however, but breakfast has at least improved the situation. If I didn’t know better I’d say I have the ‘flu, and there’s certainly all manner of nasty bugs doing the rounds at present. Mostly, everything’s a bit ragged and energy levels are at about half of what they should be. However, I will go to the Gym to try and do something later, because even if it’s just 30 minutes light pottering that’s better than nothing.


A lot of stuff is making me angry too, so I think what I’d be best served with online is just keeping my head down and getting on with my own shit. Things have come a long way forward when it is clear you know what’s upsetting you without having to do a ton of naval gazing. It’s also a great way to save time and wasted effort on bollocks that really doesn’t matter anyway. So, if you want me, I’ll be writing and playing games today.

Sounds like a decent Thursday already.