The Best Thing


That’s the best night’s sleep for weeks, right there. Three blocks of glorious, uninterrupted Deep sleep. Not waking up until 4.30am. No longer feeling thirsty when I did, but going to drink anyway, knowing I need to keep liver and kidneys dealing with the accumulated toxins in my body. Having my digestive system operating normally.

Realising, like it or not, that I dodged a massive bullet.

Of course, I still will take the blood tests and the scans to make sure the initial diagnosis was correct. I’m eating stupidly healthy for the foreseeable future, even if I crave the crap. Had I not been as healthy as I am now, if there hadn’t been the push to exercise that had happened, I would be waking up to a Saturday in hospital.

I’ll be taking plenty of time to grasp just how fucking lucky I am.