Running Scared


Yes, I’m going to need surgery. It appears I’ll need it as a matter of some urgency too, if the panicky phone calls from the Doctor’s surgery in the last hour are any indicator. You see, the doctor I saw this evening didn’t know about my gallstone incident. Knowing this, they want it out NOW, because they’re concerned that what happened with the last one blocked my liver, and if that failed, nope, not going there.

I’ll be seeing a consultant early next week.

What this does to everything else? We’ll work it out, but not today.

2 thoughts on “Running Scared

  1. I don’t know if this will help at all, but I would have liked info from someone who had gone through this when it happened to me.

    I was very sick last fall and got rushed to the hospital only to find it was my gallbladder and they took it out the second day I was in there. They also had to remove several gallstones that were trapped somewhere along the way, but they got them all.

    I won’t say it was an easy surgery, but I was up and walking by the day after and they sent me home the day after that. You are in better physical shape than me, so your recovery should be quicker.

    You won’t be able to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for about a month to 6 weeks after your surgery. It will also be hard to bend or reach–you probably should keep that to a minimum and plan for others to help you.

    I could not lay down comfortably for about 3 weeks after my surgery and spent time sleeping in a reclining chair. I’m not sure if that is an everybody thing though, or just me. I’m considerable fatter than you so it might be the extra weight combined with the surgery.

    You probably won’t have to radically change your diet afterwards. You will have to slowly ease food back in though.

    Walk as much as you can afterwards. The more you walk the better you will feel even if it hurts to walk and you have no strength to go far at one time. Just take several short walks.

    As for pain, I had to use scary meds pretty seriously for about 14 days after surgery and then I used over the counter for about another week. It still twinges occasionally even months later, but it is bearable. A friend who also had hers out, told me the pain lasts about a year before it completely goes away.

    I hope this helps some at least and I wish you a quick recovery. ^^


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