Fear :: Two

Because so much has happened in 90 minutes, I want to write it all down, mostly as reference. After all, this might help someone at some point, and I’m all for doing that, because sorting shit on your own is, quite frankly, terrifying.

I phoned someone about a referral, who then almost immediately phoned me back to say no, you don’t need a gastroenterologist, you require a surgeon. Having got a new name a flurry of activity resulted in a 7.45pm consultation on Monday, which is frankly far better than I could ever have expected. The fact my Doctors Surgery had told me the wrong information to begin with pales into insignificance next to the fact that while I was sitting in a waiting room yesterday, waiting for my ultrasound results, they phoned to tell me I needed to see a Doctor as a matter of urgency.

I know the Health Service is under strain. I see reports every day, read the Tweets from the activists in my timeline. Honestly however, if you can’t use your computer system to ascertain that I’m in the Surgery when you call me to ask me to come in? You’re on your own. It doesn’t help that the referral letter I’ll need for Monday will more than likely not be done until Monday morning either, because staff are sick. I’m not going to do anything with this anger apart from let it fuel my determination to rise above the stupidity. As it stands, I could have been seeing someone today, had they extracted the digit.

No matter, what is done is done.

The other mild panic came with the delivery of my blood test results from last week’s Health Assessment, which basically tells the medical staff that I have an issue with my Gallbladder and it needs immediate attention. What bothers me now is what happened to the bloods I had taken immediately after the initial incident, and how not one but two temporary doctors both seem to have failed to record key details of my condition in transit. You put a lot of faith in medical staff not to fuck things up, especially when health is an issue.

I can at least copy the assessment bloods from the Internet and take them with me, so that’s a bonus. Roll on Monday night.