Post :: Two

The anaesthetic has gone. That’s 72 hours to have it clear my system, but ears and throat are still a bit gummy. Dressings have all come off and the largest wound looks a bit fierce, but that has mostly to do with the bruising than any issue with ingress. Most importantly I’m now simply on paracetamol (if needed) and both appetite and digestive function are normal. This is where I wanted to be Tuesday morning, and doing 250 steps per hour to start rehabilitation is not nearly as taxing as it was yesterday.

My stomach area remains swollen, but it is not nearly as uncomfortable as it has been. I’m alert far more than at any point since probably before Sunday, if I’m honest too: sleep still needs some work, but I could at least roll to my side rather than stick to being on my back. Most importantly of all however getting up and down becomes increasingly simple with each passing hour. I’m still not totally back to ‘normal’ communication but managed a couple of hours on social media last night without the world coming to an unscheduled end.

Gonna take the weekend off, and reassess where I am on Monday. Thank you for your understanding during this time.