Walk On By


Unless you’ve had children, it may be impossible to understand the feeling of abject fear and anxiety that will inevitably accompany any terror event with kids involved. There is, of course, only so much you can (and should) protect your children from. Life is about danger, taking risks and understanding that inevitably, circumstances move from your control. That can be particularly hard to grasp on days like today, when rationale and motive are like smoke. The sad fact remains that, whenever a group of people come together to enjoy themselves, someone else will see an opportunity to destroy that as their own sick and demented form of entertainment. It doesn’t matter how you justify the action. If you gain pleasure from the abuse or torture of others, you don’t understand humanity to begin with.

Today is tough. It isn’t just because I have kids who go to stuff unaccompanied. It isn’t because you can’t keep them safe. Mostly today hurts because it will stop people from enjoying themselves. It will damage those in most need of nurturing and protecting. It will make the vital process of relaxation harder, rather than easier. Above all, it is the very real understanding that there for the grace of deities go us. One day, everyone will lose the people they care about, but most will be given the dignity to at least do this in their own way. To have lives snatched away like this, with such a horrific and public display of arrogance, beggars belief.

I’ll be using Social media today to talk about things that make me happy. Every time a message flashes past I want to respond to, this is the mantra I’m repeating. There’s nothing I can add, or want to contribute that will make any difference anyway. I can play my game, and write my posts pretending that nothing has happened, but eventually you have to accept that life is different from yesterday. That’s the way it should be. Sure, it would be fantastic if we could not have the slaughter of millions or the destruction of the planet as part of that change but this is the World, as it is now, and we all have to learn to live with it.

The trick, going forward, is how you become stronger and not cower under other people’s stupidity and ignorance. You use grief as fuel, to drive you forward. It is an inevitable part of life to accept death, but if you can keep it a small part, so much the better. Living well isn’t just being sympathetic to others, it is being angry and frustrated too. Find your own way to deal with these difficult times, but NEVER allow these monsters to control your lives. That way, they win.

Never give the bad guys that kind of power.