Beautiful Day


I can be quite perverse sometimes, I make no bones about this. This was the child that when parents told me I couldn’t do something would not only do the exact opposite but would give the finger whilst doing so. I realise how destructive this mindset can be, and as a result there are days when it is best for everybody I just leave the Internet well alone. This would be a good descriptor of today, were it not for the fact that both emotionally and physically this is the best I have felt since… well before the operation. Probably months before, because for lunch today were food groups previously potentially capable of making me ill. Personal pronouns do not bother today either.  I’ve managed to complete more in a morning than has happened in… seriously, three months.

That’s gotta count for something.


I can’t tell you about sleep last night either, because being so tired the Fitbit never went back on my wrist after prepping for bedtime, but I wasn’t awake until 5.30 so that’s a  whole hour extra from Wednesday. Once I’ve done the last of the domestic stuff and written about Warcraft, I’ll wander down to the shops for my 30 minutes of exercise and see how the abdominal muscles are healing. I can’t carry anything seriously heavy anyway but there’s a few personal odds and ends that will fit in my backpack without causing an incident and then, if it’s not too painful, there’s going to be treadmill time tomorrow, so I can say I’ve only been off equipment for 11 days. These little things matter, after all.

Mostly, today is a VERY Good Day. Long may they last.