You’re the One


Before I went for surgery, the night before as I recall, someone turned up on my Social media timeline with an agenda. They saw me talking to somebody else and hoped, by sticking their hugely arrogant arsehole into my business, to ride the coattails of that message for their own gain. This happens a lot, especially when it is apparent that someone completely and erroneously believes you have the ear of others whom they believe hold some kind of notional influence. The problem with people like this, inevitably, is that they don’t care about anyone but themselves. That’s all well and good when your interaction is brief, but as soon as a conversation breaks out with any sort of contentious content?


This morning, I watched some random twat accuse someone else of being lewd in their own feed, and that because they chose to see it, that person was at fault. It is a microcosm for the indignation that that now accompanies anything that a certain type of complainant cannot stand. In fact, this week, there arose a situation where a woman made a clothing choice and offended hundreds of people on a prime time TV show. In fact, I reckon about 217 people will have taken offence when that woman showed some cleavage and it was apparent she forgot to put a sensible, supportive bra on before the dress.

You know what the problem is here? It isn’t Amanda Holden’s body. It’s not my friend who took a picture and put it in her own feed. None of the issues here have anything to do with the people involved. They’re all in the heads of those who now believe, for whatever reason, that they can’t be offended. Other people cannot offer anything contentious, you can’t possibly refuse to comment on something when there’s no fucking issue to begin with. With all the chaos and real, genuine threat in the World right now, the way some people choose to react isn’t with empathy or understanding, but with blind, ignorant stupidity. That’s always been the way but honestly, truthfully, I lost interest when random stupid entered my timeline

Today is not the day for you to be offended that you can’t control other people’s lives.


I read yesterday about how I should consider other’s feelings before I go off on a rant. It is important to grasp that it is very easy to upset people without context, or first looking at a wider picture. That is all well and good, but makes a basic assumption that the person you’re talking to possesses either empathy or understanding to begin with. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that there are those for whom understanding has only ever been a one way street, and this will never change. Some people don’t change. However loving, caring and understanding you may be, it won’t matter. These are the people who are beyond help. These are the destructive, negative influences in society.

You won’t win.

It’s never going to happen.