Beautiful Day


It has been a fantastic day. I’ve worked pretty much solidly since breakfast, eating at the PC, and slowly whittling away at an enormous list of tasks. A lot of it you can’t even see, but I know it is there. There’s also a load of graphic stuff off a piece of paper and made real, ready for when I start IoW-ing in earnest tomorrow. Mostly, I finally feel I’m prepared and ready to sell this to within an inch of my life, which is what has to happen for the thing to be successful. No more self-doubt, Missus. Time to shut up and get on.

I’m even going to the Gym with my husband this evening, which hasn’t happened since before my operation. I’m really looking forward to it too: there’s been perilously little adult time in the last six weeks, and it’ll be great to catch up with my best mate again.

Now, I better get back to work.