You’re the One


History will remember yesterday for many things. Personally speaking, for the first time in my life, I voted outside my family’s traditional politics. I don’t care what that makes me, or how people might now look at me. In the last election, this was how my constituency voted:



Yesterday, for the first time in DECADES, my vote genuinely made a difference:


So what if Labour didn’t win? Look at those people who appeared and decided that change needs to happen. Those voters, like me, chose to show their displeasure at the political situation, resonating in kind across the country. The result this morning proves how much it counts, that real change is possible if you desire it enough. I am utterly knackered, and last night’s joy and excitement at the Exit Polls is more than worth the hangover. Once where there was simply ignorant, blinkered outlooks there could now be revolution and possibilities. Mostly, this morning, I feel a year’s worth of thrashing about has produced forward momentum.

Last year’s vote to leave Europe may finally have a positive outcome after all.


However, this morning on the way to school, came the realisation that somewhere between January and now I have become something new. I may still struggle with a lot of the basics, but the core of my being has altered. I’ve spent the morning considering this, and the timing of this realisation is neither accident or largely unexpected.

Going forward, I am ready for whatever may be thrown at me.

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