Saw Wonder Woman yesterday. Gonna be a day or so before I’ve processed it enough to review properly, but it will happen. Today, sitting here not quite awake after multiple cuppas, I’ve gone for coffee with a realisation that there’s a lot of stuff that still has to change. At present, that means limiting certain online activities that I know simply have the capacity to irritate rather than be helpful. This, in the last two weeks, has proved surprisingly fruitful, and makes me realise that some people use Social media in a completely different way to me. In the main, it is an extension of what will be my job starting next week. If I focus on that and don’t get distracted by the other stuff? Life goes a lot easier, and stress levels drop.


There’s also been a grasp of how selling an idea is a great deal easier when you’re more confident in yourself. Last night, out with my kids, I felt like the woman I was before they were born: confident, able and capable of being animated and enthusiastic alone without being Mum. In fact, walking around shopping with my son, I made a joke about that, several as it happens. It was hugely enjoyable just being in his company and, more importantly, I made my son think in the process. In that regard, the day was a brilliant success.

However, the biggest success, without doubt, is the dress size, because it throws out the weight issue once and for all. If my body does as is normal (and I’m really hoping it will) tomorrow will see a drop I can work to keep off. I’ll know then that sugar’s not being burnt as energy, and  move forward.

For now, I’d better get on with my Patreon Page.