Paranoid Android


(I’ve been listening to the Radiohead OKNotOK remaster all week. No Surprises as to what keep cropping up as lyric prompts.)

I lay awake at 5am this morning, as has become something of a habit of late. It’s not bad,  looking at the daily sleep cycle: I went to bed at ten because EXHAUSTED and seven and a bit hours has become a ‘normal’ night. However, a return to sleep was possible, safe in the knowledge that everything that needs to be done this month not only is doable, but will be completed. For the first time in many months I think I’m strong enough to produce what is asked everywhere, without collapsing in a massive heap, though there were a few points yesterday where panic physically manifested. They were all dealt with, however, and now comes the nuts and bolts.

The plan going forward is to produce enough quality content in the hope to attract someone to sign for a higher tier of participation, to break the $100 a month threshold. The job I gave up to do this paid approximately $160 a month, so that will be the next metaphorical achievement… and then if I crack $200 I can give up the other part time writing projects still involved in. I’m enough of a realist to grasp this will take time, and a phenomenal amount of effort on my part, but working hard has never been something I’ve had a problem with. As this morning shows, it is dealing with the paranoia that accompanies starting something from the ground up which is a far bigger issue. Today, nothing seems quite good enough.


Patreon keep sending me emails instructing that content creators should play up positivity and optimism in my work. This is the single biggest thing I struggle with. Knowing work is good enough, that your heart and soul is being poured into every word and post… of course there is a firm belief in everything being produced, or this journey would never have been begun. That’s not the problem: I fucking suck at self promotion. There is nobody else to blow the trumpet except me, and only now is it apparent what a huge place the Internet is and how tiny one feels in comparison. The hope, of course, is that my distinctive approach is niche enough to attract total strangers. When that finally happens, then there will be a belief that yes, there is mileage in this.

Getting people I don’t know to take a chance on me is the next step.


I have lost count of the number of ‘friends’ who promised earnest support for projects over the years yet conveniently vanished when help was needed the most. In fact, I should thank those individuals for teaching the lesson that, in the end, the only person one can truly rely on is yourself. This next few weeks is about being confident in conviction, and not being swayed by those who just turn up to start a fight: after all, that’s my job anyway. The people who matter most already grasp the significance of this project, and have been kind enough to stand up as support in the vital early months. Everybody else, like it or not, isn’t interested, and if that can be changed? Well, there’s a point to aim for.

Perhaps if I can aim to sway one mind a day, going forward, 365 minds by the end of the year is a massive achievement. Small steps is all I can hope for.

That’s how all good journeys begin.

One thought on “Paranoid Android

  1. I find self promotion quite an interesting one, I suppose it is all about the cut off between confidence and arrogance. I have always found that the best promoted people are confident enough to stand by the body of work that they have produced over a period of time. I will be perfectly honest I thought there would be more backing on the Patreon site by now, as I know there are a lot of people that have been here as long if not longer than me.

    I have been here 4+ years personally on both my accounts ravenswordx (gaming) and rjdeducation (personal) and there are certainly people still here that were here when I arrived. Now I certainly would not want to second guess anybody’s financial situation and their ability to support a content creator. What I would ask people to do though is just take a look at the options that Sarah’s Patreon page has, and see if any of the options would fit into what you can manage to do in a supportive way currently.

    Whether you are a relative newbie or a veteran of Sarah’s content, and you have enjoyed consuming the Warcraft or personal posts, just take a couple of minutes to at least take a look at the Patreon page and if you can throw a couple of dollars Sarah’s way that would be fantastic as it all adds up in the end. I was always going to support this project and I would like to think there are a few more that will follow my lead, financial situation allowing. This especially applies to long-term readers of the various blogs, so come on ladies and gents of both the Warcraft community and the personal blog readers, let us see if we can give the project a good push forward while it is starting out.

    Rob :-)


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