I am as organised as it is possible to be currently, and this morning is the beginning of a week where, like it or not, I cannot afford to drop the ball. This is the moment when everything else is quietly but firmly dealt with, and then all the effort and focus goes on the business of making a dream into reality. Once the first month of content is under my belt, there might be a moment to relax, but that will all depend on whether anyone likes it. That was the unknown going into all of this: will anybody care enough to read and react?

Only time will tell, I suppose.

My son begins two weeks of Work Experience today; daughter has two weeks before the Summer break. We’ve booked four days away in Somerset in mid August to go and see Grandma and my husband’s family, but that’s it in terms of organised holiday for the year. I’ve also agreed to do the Ride London Freecycle at the end of July too: no stress, but I get to ride around London on a custom resprayed bike especially for the occasion. Other than that, my life is now all about the words for the foreseeable future.


There’s only been three days in the last week that I’ve managed 12k steps, and as I have PT later this morning I hope I can start the way I mean to go on and make this week five out of seven. Today was, it must be said, a very much needed rest because Saturday was a very hard push and the first protracted HIIT since my operation. I can still do it, though feet complained a bit, but that does mean two sessions of Cardio this week will be full on, hard bastard exercise again. If I believe My Fitness Pal, I’m still on for 11st 5lb even though I’ve put on half a pound (which could well be muscle to fat, considering the amount of protein ingested since last week.) I’ll do another Gym weigh on on Friday, and we will see how it goes.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some graphics to design and an article to finish on my earliest performance experience…

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