Shut Up


Today has been… well, interesting.

This was drawn for the Insurers, and the brevity is because, frankly, it was funny. The poor young woman who managed to wedge her dad’s car between mine and the bush outside my house, who woke me up with the sound of metal scraping on metal, means I’ve had two accidents that have not been my fault in a fortnight. In the end, these are just Things. It isn’t my no claims bonus. Other people make money out of this (two separate car body repairers, 10 miles apart) and nobody got hurt. I get thanked by the teenager’s dad for not going ballistic at what was her first accident, and am reminded my first collision involved driving husband’s first car into a tree at speed. He still hasn’t forgiven me, even now.

I walked away though, so there’s that.


Husband’s also driven into someone today. I’ve spent the afternoon using PT as anger management (boxing FTW) and juggling the repair schedule that means I’ll be with two different hire cars this month.

Life, eh?