Did It Again


The company who make my porridge do it in ‘instant’ sachets, with dried fruit to make the whole thing a little less… well, just oats. A while back they stopped making my favourite flavour combination. No more Apple and Cherry for me. Except, a few weeks after the announcement some extra stock appeared in my supermarket of choice. I probably looked a bit strange with the last six boxes of the stuff at the till, but I didn’t care. I’ve been slowly eating my way through them ever since: a packet every couple of days, and using my mindfulness ‘training’ to fully enjoy every bowl. Yesterday was the last sachet.

Sometimes, you don’t realise what matters most until it is too late.


The World right now provides a very skewed perception if you stare at it continually via the same lenses. By that, I mean using social media as the sole manner of assessing news, or using exclusively as a means to make important decisions. I am genuinely concerned at the number of people who seem to live their lives here, and am all too aware that I am one of them when it comes to promotion of my new venture. There needs to be some changes therefore, and I couldn’t do that without talking time away from the format that is at least part of the problem. So, yesterday is going to be written down to ‘Mental Health.’ It included a PT session (lots of boxing, upper body really hurts) and another 10 miles of cycling. There was also a lot of… well, not very much at all.

Doing nothing is really good for your soul.


Once I’ve written this there will be a list, as has become de rigeur on a Sunday. Then, it is just a case of getting as much as I can done in the day with a session of cycling inserted in between. There’s a lot of personal stuff to discuss next week, but for now I need to be focussed, organised and just get the stuff done.

Let’s go.

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