Day Two

I’ve spent today working and walking. The weather is, I suspect, typical of what will become the future: bright sunshine then sudden showers and often gale force winds. It makes for a bleak landscape in this part of the world, but some utterly beautiful photo opportunities.

I’m learning a lot about my writing skills every time a new piece of work is begun. In this case, my second short story has evolved into something quite different than what was initially expected: show, not tell is the idea, but when you’ve only got 2000 words to play with and a really technical idea, stuff has to give. Still, I am pleased with the basic concept, which is now ‘resting’ on my tablet. I’ll go back to it tomorrow, and see how things look.

Am going to try and do some exercise tomorrow. I’ve been exceptionally good on food consumption, even though I’m not logging stuff religiously. There was no lunch today as I was working, and I’ve found a new protein bar I really love by accident. The trick when there’s not a routine is to create one, and on that front things are going far better than expected. A lot of stuff will get done tomorrow as a result, and I’ll still have time to enjoy the day.