Begin Again


Ah, it is good to be back.

I’m not going to lie, there is a phenomenal amount of stuff to get though in the next few days. My car’s already been picked up for the second repair of the month, and I’ll be getting a hire car shortly as replacement (which reminds me, must print out my cover note.) I’ve managed to almost find the bottom of the washing bin and, because the weather is good, that means everything should at least be dry by day’s end. Then there is the piles of writing, computer faffing and general organisation left to get a handle on, and that’s before I make it to the Gym.

However, the overriding advantage of coming back from Holiday refreshed (and having lost weight \o/) is that the incentive to get your arse in gear is considerable. That means that, by day’s end, I should be quite a way forward. It means I’ll celebrate tonight with some gaming, and then start early tomorrow with novel work. For now I have a short story to proof read one last time before Mr Alt gives it a final once over, and the desire to talk about gaming again.

That’s probably the most pleasant surprise of all.