Oh My God


Today is my first WiP (Work in Progress) day where I throw a carefully organised routine out of the window, try not to get too distracted, and just write. So far this morning that’s been surprisingly fruitful, and it means by day’s end not only will I have all my pledges up to date on Patreon, but there’ll be a poem ready to enter a contest. I had to pay to enter: however, what I paid is more than covered by what I’ve managed to produce. Poetry is becoming more and more accomplished with each effort at writing.  That’s all I want, really, consistent progression in quality.

There will also be an effort made to get my novel dusted down and ready to roll, plus a notebook started on all the various other projects I’m dealing with and what states they happen currently to be in. What is giving me most return right now in terms of progress is when I’m really very organised. That means setting out what I want to work on, and finding a time frame that works for each piece. Having learnt in the last year to stick to deadlines (and most importantly not overreach what is possible) it is time to make hay whilst the literary sun shines.


Son starts 6th Form College on Tuesday as well as the youngest going back to School. After the short and inevitable celebration that will follow, I have to make sure I keep moving forward.

This is the most confident I’ve felt about that kind of progress for quite some time.