Hard Rain


This week has been a literal disaster area for millions of people in the Caribbean. With three hurricanes now on Storm Watch, from a distance this is not unlike watching the trailer for The Day After Tomorrow, just without the Ice Age bit.

Climate change deniers are gonna have a hard time explaining the last month away. This is also the moment where, living as I do on a coastal estuary, there is a reminder that there for the grace of your deity of choice goes me and anybody else who enjoys the benefits of a beach within walking distance and the pretence of being a holiday destination. Anyone near to a coastline now stands the chance of being underwater quite soon, if those pesky polar icecaps continue to melt into the sea. The water has to go somewhere, and when the sea temperature is rising? Everybody’s in trouble.


I know a LOT of people in Florida. I won’t lie, if I was there… well, I would have left probably on Wednesday, to hell with job or schools for the kids. I also realise that saying you’d do something and having the luxury of doing so are as far apart as the melting icecaps. I didn’t mean to either upset or irritate anyone by suggesting publicly they should leave, but it happened all the same. I thought about deleting the offending tweet but on reflection, it is an important lesson learnt. From a distance, everyone can seem like a critic. My overriding concern is that there will be massive loss of life, and if that could have been preventable via evacuation… but it id never that simple. These are the issues that will now become as global a problem as refugees from wars and famine.

It is the elderly and the young which are of greatest concern, of course. Asking people to stay safe is all well and good, but until the storm makes landfall… it could yet decrease in potency, and all this hand wringing and panic would have been for nothing. Except, it isn’t, none of this is wasted. This is the next decades of existence unless global warming is arrested. Nature will simply do what it has always done and its own natural defence system will reduce the population of the planet. Ecology, like it or not, exists in very delicate balance and if you fuck it up, there will always be consequences. Add to that the truly unexpected, and a bad week just gets worse.

All I can do now is watch from a distance and cross everything that the people I care about will be safe. Offering prayers is about as effective as believing I can change the world just by blogging, and we all know that’s not happening any time soon. I’ll be donating my Patreon earnings this month to the International Red Cross, because these people need the money far more than I do right now. In fact, they need everybody’s love and cash as a matter of some urgency, because one day this could be us.

The World is changing too fast to stand by idle.