Knowing Me, Knowing You

header78Yesterday, I ate something I will not eat again. I now understand that my body loves certain foods but will effectively cripple me if I eat others, especially on an empty stomach. Let it not be said I do not understand how life without a gallbladder works. My plan therefore is bland, small and lots of water in between, followed by a VERY long walk somewhere for stamina. Camera is ready to take pictures. Think today is one I need to move, but not in a manner that might make me throw up. As much as I ascribe to the ‘if it is not hurting it is not working’ mentality, that does not work right now.

Time for gentle exercise and no recriminations.


I realised quite quickly into this journey that although yes, I can live perfectly well without a bile regulation device, I cannot eat what I did any more, despite various people’s assertions to the contrary. It has taken four months for my body to reasonably adjust to the differential, but now I cannot digest certain foods that were problem free for my digestive system previously. Dietary choices therefore have shrunk and not remained constant. It is probably fortunate therefore that most of those foods aren’t exactly good for my system anyway, and losing them is no massive hardship.

Then I remind myself of the consequences had the organ remained in my body, and a loss of a few foods is academic. What I ought to do is get myself looked at for allergy testing, and make sure there’s nothing more sinister and long term at issue here. With my son’s allergies being of significant importance at present, it is entirely possible that my genetic material is at fault. That is something to add to the To Do list for next week. For now, however, it is time to get ready for my walk.