Today, like most this week has been noticeably different for me than the time that has come before. It isn’t that I’m nursing a cold (curious hybrid of daughter’s and my PT’s) or that I’ve been working on a slightly different schedule (because of the continuing #ThinkTober project.) My mind is different. I stopped getting scared about stuff. There is a distinct reduction in overthinking and just more doing. Today would normally be working on the novel but I’ve put that aside to clear up some of the backlogs, write some poetry and plan what happens in November.

That’s a new thing that happens now, kids. I write poetry after coming back from the School Run.

Not My accessory.png

Today it was the utterly mortified bloke left with his daughter’s heart-covered umbrella. I saw him and somehow just knew I had to immortalise the image for eternity. There’s another poem too about the weather but I’m balancing sharing some of this generally with Patreon stuff because if enough poems get written I can (conceivably) create an anthology. That means not wafting stuff all over the Internet first and splitting output accordingly. Needless to say ‘The School Run’ series of asides might yet get its own website by the end of the school year if I keep having inspiration bursts like this.

It is good to have lots of different content to fall back on.

NaNoWriMo 2017.png

I am yet to decide which of my various Works in Progress gets the nod, and notional deadline of Friday is looming large. Hopefully, there’ll be some large and significant moment of revelation either today or tomorrow. My brain is fully aware of everything that’s there to play with. Let’s just hope that enlightenment occurs sooner rather than later. I also have a schedule rearrangement to do for next week, as my husband’s off to Italy on Monday for a couple of days, and will, therefore, be unavailable for editing/beta duties on the IoW site.

I’d better get that organised now.