Save Me


I’ve decided to start using sleep as headers for a while. Though there will be those who will point out that having data to tell me how I slept is probably a bad thing, I’m surprisingly sanguine. I know this is the best night’s sleep managed for several weeks. There doesn’t need to be the numbers to show it, it’s there in muscle and bone. I know I dreamt last night too but (blissfully) I have no idea about what.¬†That’s the information I don’t want to recall.

Right now, I have too much in my head.


I’ve managed to remove some of the stress by entering the Poetry Society’s yearly contest earlier than expected: basically, my work was written and it was procrastination alone holding back the completion. I have half a dozen things to make into blog posts today, then a bunch of contest and poetry backlog to finish across the weekend. By Monday I’ll be ready to start winding myself up to a month of writing in a different form. However, this morning is all about organising myself so I know exactly what to do once I get back from my Friday PT, because it makes more sense to organise and hit it all in one go.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll get back to that now.