Night Boat to Cairo


That sleep looks a lot worse than it was: the break at nearly 3am was because both kids were making the most of Half Term freedom, and I can’t really get the hump at this. Then I needed the loo at 5am, and my right arm is going to sleep thanks (I suspect) to the increase in upper body work being thrust upon it. It’s a hard life, but when I begin to get stressed comes the reminder that a) I have a bed to sleep in and b) I part own the house it is inside and everything else fades into background noise.

A very good friend who I had sort of assumed was lost to my past appeared on the doorstep yesterday lunchtime as a reminder that actually, you can just forget the bad stuff and carry on as if nothing happened. Of everybody I know she was always the kindest and most generous of people anyway, so maybe that’s the take away from all of this. The people who aren’t there to screw you over or don’t get what you really are will be patient, understanding, and should be rewarded with respect in kind. Therefore I have offered to go assist her in a project she’s involved in. I think that’s the least I can do.


This is a reminder therefore that sometimes, stuff just gets better without you having to do anything about it. That’s not the way to live your life, however: just hoping other people will appear at the relevant moments is hugely selfish. Therefore the lesson to be learnt going forward is to not be the person who always takes and to ensure that giving always exceeds. That’s a good way to think on the last day of my 50th year. There has been immeasurable progress, and although some of it might not have been great, the overriding majority has been.

That’s a good foundation to build on going forward.