Just uploaded three months worth of NEW IMAGES to Flickr (go take a look!) so I can start making some new headers. The last time I did this was earlier in the year, and there’s lots of lovely stuff to look at. THEN I need to find a way to organise imagery better via WordPress, but I suspect that is a task for the Christmas holidays. I could use it as displacement activity but, let’s be honest. there is plenty of that going on already and not enough work.

I crossed an important threshold yesterday, however: the Patreon stuff is almost complete for the month, and I’m taking November to regroup and effectively re-plan the campaign. The short story I wrote got feedback too, and not bad stuff, so that’s a definite sign of progression. I’m currently sitting with Calender planners for the next two months, making sure everything I need to do is at least written down somewhere. After that, it is a case of hit and hope.

By Monday, I should be organised enough to start sharing my ideas going forward.