It has taken since May, but today I finished my Online Mindfulness Course. To say this has been life changing would not be far off the truth, and I’m now keen to extend my understanding further. There’s a book coming from Amazon about using Mindfulness to treat depression: I have no idea if it will work for me, but it will be interesting to at least try. Regardless of anything else, this is a far better place mentally that has been existed within for quite some time.

Now is the time to start building on what I have and moving forward.


This will be the last time I use this GIF. It is, on reflection, particularly apposite for current circumstance. It is becoming increasingly depressing watching heroes be exposed as complicit wankers, and yet that is what has to happen in order to ensure none of this sorry fucking shit ever happens to anybody else ever again. Seriously, Hollywood, were you all far too wrapped up in yourselves, looking the other fucking way for decades? I don’t understand. I really don’t. It makes no sense to me at all, so it is time to make some hard choices.

I don’t care what gender or sexuality you identify with. Stop treating people like fucking dirt.

Poem 2

Taking control of my life is an important part of the personal reconstruction process. That means, as of November 1st, lots of stuff is going to change. I doubt you’ll notice any of it but for me, it will be an enormous and ultimately extremely liberating process. It is part of the long-term objective to reinvent myself and build/maintain a serious career as a writer. If that is something that you’d like to share, I look forward to inviting you on the journey.