Don’t Turn Around


This wasn’t the post I was going to write.

I got home at 8.50, ready to work, to be texted by my daughter at 9.15 in a state of panic. An important book had been left on her desk, could she get it before 10am? When I was a kid, this would have been impossible: my parents wouldn’t do this for me. A mental promise was made quite early into motherhood that this wouldn’t be the case for my kids: the amount of stress and anxiety this will alleviate is probably without measure. I may not be able to prevent everything bad, but if there can be help at this age, it is bloody well happening.

I wonder how different a person I would be now had that support been offered when it was most needed.

I gave blood donation #3 last night: the nurses thought I was impatient last night, but that’s just the Electro Swing in my head that legs have been dancing to since I rediscovered this CD on Sunday. I found swing as a teenager, so am very much coming from the Traditional direction. I particularly love the French-influenced stuff, however (all those family holidays in Paris to blame) and I’ll be digging out the other CDs I have at some point to shove them on the iPhone.

Today is a lot of finishing up of outstanding stuff, and then getting ready for tomorrow, which is gonna be HUGE.