Begin Again


Life is too short to wait until January to instigate change. All this stuff about Resolutions following a month of utter excess at Christmas… nope. It isn’t an attempt to be edgy or somehow innovative either. Every day I sit and do nothing will never be given back. That time isn’t suddenly more relevant when a new year starts. All that bollocks at wishing 2016 away was completely counterproductive as if forgetting the bad stuff existed will somehow negate the stupidity. Everybody holds individual responsibility for the life they lead, and the choices made.

It is time for me to step up and really start changing the World for the better.

30 THANK YOUS 2.png

This task, undoubtedly, will be fraught with potential Drama [TM] as a result. I already know there’ll be someone who, after a month of being positive to those who I know have brought me to this point, will attack me for not thanking them. The point of choosing these 30 people was not to exclude you. This attitude will be typical of the problem that makes the Internet the cesspool of negative wankery that it inevitably becomes when you can’t get your own way. If you assume importance in my life to the point where such a slight is enough to make you angry, you’re really not getting the reason why I did it.

Maybe we can all learn from that and move on.


Nobody says any of this shit is easy. If it were, there’d not be the level of noise and angst in the world. It is, in simple terms, the difference between eating breakfast at 7 am and being hungry until 11.30 am. Today, I don’t eat at my normal time and write this post, before I go and do 45 minutes of Yoga, to help the body recover from blood donating on Monday. Then, I make breakfast, which effectively becomes lunch. Sometimes, you have to accommodate change. I’m awful at it. That’s part of my long-term plan for November. Become more flexible in mind and body. Bend like the reed. 

I will never know how much time I have to become better, so maybe it is time to just do what needs to be done NOW and not hope it all gets better on its own.


This month, I want to try and inspire everybody I know to look at themselves with a more critical eye. PLEASE NOTE I am not expecting or asking for change. That’s not my job to do: I’ve come to that conclusion now, after a long time where I hoped others would see sense and do the right thing for themselves. There is no way to get someone to do something if that thing is not attractive to them. Only by a cold, hard look inside yourself can change be affected. It’s why I have no desire to be evangelical, or rebrand myself as some kind of Inspirational guru. Telling people to be happy is bollocks. Reminding people they matter is only ever any use if they will believe that themselves.

Maybe, if you say the same stuff enough times and show it works for you, other people might consider the possibility they’re not alone. You don’t make money from that or sell it as an Instagram-style aesthetic. You just stop fucking about and do shit.

That’s the plan for November. Let’s go.