Money for Nothing


Yesterday could have gone better.

I’ve woken up, as a result, mentally exhausted. It will, of course, be remnants of my body regenerating blood. The worst day last time was Saturday, and I can recall my energy levels dropped quite considerably during that week before I returned to a semblance of normality. It didn’t help matters last night that I had to lay down the law a bit with the eldest. Youngest gave me 6/10 for presentation and effectiveness. That’s a REALLY good score.

Now I have to hope some of what I said actually registers.


I’ve also been really struggling with the food goals this week. I blame the two Orange Clubs I had after giving blood… I should investigate next time taking my own ‘healthy’ snacks as sustenance. Maybe that’s the issue here, that I’m now so much less dependant on the sugar rush… or it just could be that weeks worth of physical change (and the lack of a gallbladder) will be making my body react differently. This is the point where my husband would appear and tell me I’m hugely overanalysing everything, and I should go and have a cuppa, which seems like an excellent idea.

Whatever happens today, I’ll do something at the Gym. I could really do with the mental break it gives me, that I can switch off my brain and think about something else. Or, as seems to be the case of late, I think nothing at all and concentrate on breathing and lifting heavy weights. I have, effectively, become Spongebob Squarepants in that episode where all he thinks about is fine dining and breathing. There are days when I wish my mind had the capacity to switch off. Fortunately (and possibly as a result of my changes to lifestyle) they are far rarer than used to be the case.


I’m hoping, if nothing else, this wakes me up and allows my brain a chance to string together some coherent sentences for NaNoWriMo. I think there might need to be far more caffeine in my system to make that happen.

Time to fix that.