Run for Home


There has been experimentation over the last couple of weeks with the best food for me to scoff the night before I exercise, and the pasta and meatballs for dinner yesterday may be the sweet spot hit for optimal energy and stamina. I have also gone back to protein bars after some time in the snack wilderness, because a girl has to obtain some enjoyment on days when brain and body are struggling. Once we get into December there needs to be more making of healthy snackage and less reliance on the pre-packaged, because really I don’t need to pay somebody else to do this for me.


I’m starting to run more. Today, even with legs complaining after Monday’s PT (was having trouble walking yesterday which is how bad it was) I am feeling as if doing more miles is attainable. I’m starting small: running 1km blocks with rests in between, which I’ll then knit together as my stamina improves. I don’t run very fast: that’s the goal after the distance is surmounted. As an asthmatic it has always been the lungs that have held me back: however, this is no longer an issue and my breathing works better than it ever has. As with everything else, you just have to learn what works best for you, stop worrying about it and do the thing.


This is all great training for bike events like Eroica next year, but a fantastic way to get my body progressively leaner. I’ve not weighed myself at all for a while, because the scales became a bit of an addiction that needed sorting. This is part of the process of knowing that what matters more is how I feel. Monday’s pain comes from having to readjust my squat position slightly as entire body is now shifting in stance and gait. That comes from the hernia repair, that after twelve years plus of not having strength in my stomach everything isn’t just properly connected but is functioning as it should. It also helps greatly that a combination of massage and upper body strength means the aches and pains that were occasionally blighting me are largely gone (which is also in part thanks to gallbladder removal.)

The only remaining niggles are around elbows and knees, but the ‘new’ squat will address one and I have physio exercises to help deal with the other.


It’s been six months since I had surgery, and this is the start of a seriously awesome part of my life. I fully intend to make as much use as possible of the time I have available, to continue this process of evolution on a personal scale.