This was always going to be a tough week, because of the amount of interaction that had to go on with people I don’t know. We’re almost done now, just one more thing to tick off around 3pm today and the exhale I will give is going to be considerable. Those people who sail through life with no perception of the difficulty curve really don’t know they’re born. Not having to think through EVERYTHING, simply turning up, doing their stuff and then pissing off. You are the real MVP’s. Without you, the Earth would grind to a massive, insufferable halt.


Yesterday we got snow for 90 seconds and the reminder that getting the Boiler fixed last month was the best idea I’ve ever had. Today we were intermittently veering between rain and bright sunshine and now the sky’s a winter blue which is strangely inspiring. I have a lot planned this month, and intend to try and do more spontaneity where brain and timescales allow. The general idea is to not stress too much and produce stuff I enjoy, not what I think other people will find interesting. That’s probably going to mean some navel contemplation as time goes on.


If I could have a month where the ground doesn’t open up at some point to swallow me, then we have seen a distinct improvement in mental circumstances. I managed to do one pull up at the Gym with some kind of discernable movement yesterday. I need to keep working on the arms, and the legs, and getting stamina as a priority. It is working, I’ve hit 12k for four days in a row this week. I’ll run tonight after working and being a grown up. This weekend there needs to be five minutes to make some new Playlists too.

The trick for December is to do stuff on my terms, and not let the enormity of everything overwhelm progress. That’s utterly doable, right?

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