Run for Home


It was going to happen eventually, on reflection. Running is becoming a thing. Not an all-consuming, must do a Marathon thing, but an accepting this is the future thing. Now this truth has been grasped, it was time to get my Trainer on board. I’m struggling with energy levels, wanting to eat all the time, and this is not healthy. I’ve had a fair few myths about eating for training quietly and sensibly rebuked, and now it is time to start with an exercise programme which I hope will finally provide some much-needed stamina.

I stopped wanting to do DPS and, after all these years, am considering tanking.


We begin on Wednesday. I have to take a notebook with me. There will be food plans, which this close to Christmas might seem a bit hopeful, but really it isn’t. I love to joke I hate being organised, but that’s a big fat lie. It is far easier being told what to do than it ever is when you’re on your own. Knowing what is required allows a mind to stop obsessing on minor and often distracting details. I am reminded of the truth that some people simply work better to a schedule than others. My goal is distance, but not overnight, because breathing is the limiting factor. I’m off to the Doctors on Friday for some poking on that front. Then we’ll just start working and see what happens.


The hardest part, in all of this, will not be the exercise. It is going to be food. Comfort eating is still a thing, even if I’ve (largely) cured my sugar addiction. Wanting to stuff my face when cold, or feeling depressed, or any of the 101 things in-between. In fairness, my Trainer understands that removing all the bad stuff from my diet isn’t realistic, or indeed fair. Learning when the right moment for indulgence is can be a tough ask for those of us who like to work to a plan. It’s all part of the cosmic balancing act I’m only now beginning to be capable of doing.

I’ve already eaten the fruit bar. The kids can have a biscuit each, and so can my husband and then I’ll consider what’s left. We’ll get on the scales again after Christmas is done.

Let’s see how things go.