There are lots of things I don’t talk about here. Most are hugely mundane but there’s a couple of deeply personal issues that never get to see the light of day. Yesterday, one of those made everything really difficult. Maybe one day I will get the confidence to talk about that to an audience, but conscience reminds that it is good not to put everything out in the open. It isn’t just mystery, but necessity. Despite what the Internet might tell you, sometimes you don’t need to share everything.

Yesterday was also a shedload of #FirstWorldProblems which should continue to serve as the permanent memorial, were it really needed, to an understanding that however hard things become, I get to experience them in a rarefied atmosphere. I get my feelings matter and have merit, that’s not a problem, but honestly however ‘bad’ things might appear they’re extraordinarily awesome in reality. The view of life is inevitably skewed by pressing concerns like eating and having a roof over your head, but that’s a world away from those people who don’t have either, and live their lives regardless.

This is my scheduled blog post that reminds the entitled, selfish person I can become that this is no longer acceptable behaviour.