Number of Days of Continuous Exercise = EIGHT

That was Christmas, then, when I ate what I was given, didn’t log any calories and had a sandwich for Festive lunch. Honestly, this ought to be the norm going forward: very little food was wasted yesterday, everybody was hugely happy and Doctor Who is now female. I’ll watch the Xmas episode again at some point via the iPlayer, but I honestly don’t think there’s been a better seasonal episode/Regeneration handover since Mr Tennant entered the TARDIS.

Last night’s board gaming was definite sea change from previous years too, resulting in a pleasant hangover. It is Boxing Day lunchtime and both kids are still in bed, for instance, and we were the ones getting them up yesterday. However, in what was undoubtedly the best change of all, I did an hour on the bike yesterday afternoon.


The fact you can cheat, if you desire, by spoofing your bike’s power output is a real source of amusement to me: this isn’t like making a Facebook post where you pretend to go on a run and then don’t. The numbers, in this case, are inescapable proof. I also did more yesterday than I did on Sunday, and what this means is that today’s ride has the potential to feature three sprint sections and not two. If that is the case, the plan will become in the next few weeks to ride it harder and better, with the sprint times being worked on and reduced. I also think I could do this on top of what I have planned for scheduled exercise: it will all depend on how organised I can get myself in the meantime.


I just ate the last mince pie in the house, and after dinner with my parents tonight I’ll be back on the healthy wagon. Having turned my 6.58 alarm off my Fitbit a couple of minutes ago, there will still be early Gym tomorrow morning.

I think maybe it is time to keep this line drawn in the sand.