When this moment is looked back on, undoubtedly it will be considered as something of a watershed.


Yesterday I went and ran for 30 minutes at the Gym, and then did 35 minutes of weights. Walking home, I thought I’d worked hard, but the reality is that I didn’t. What was proper hard was the hour of cycling last night, where I maintained a wattage output that was a full 10 more than the night before. Having real-time data has become a bit of a revelation, it must be said, and being able to know I’m still not breaking my anaerobic threshold for most of that time is groundbreaking.

Suddenly, the Gym has become the place I go to relax.


The next real benchmark will come, I reckon, in about a month. By then I will have gotten used to this new sensation, been able to get more comfortable biking, and will have returned to a fairly normal routine of exercise and domestic gubbins. We will therefore reassess the situation then. Until that point, the plan is to maintain that wattage as often as is conceivably possible.

Let’s see how things go.