Pure Comedy

I heard this song for the first time yesterday. The last time a piece of music affected me this deeply? 1978. I was 12 years old, and at the start of a journey that was never satisfactorily concluded.

Today, I know I’m back on the right road.

I’ve done nothing in the last couple of weeks other than plan a complex, internet-based future for myself. It is only a smaller part of a larger whole, in effect: exercise and self-improvement all happen away from a screen, and long may this continue. I realise that to succeed I need to put myself about far more than is currently the case and that is going to happen. Not today, or by the end of this week, but when January comes to a close I will have stuff to show and progress to capitalise on. By hard work and persistence, so will come reward and peace. I can change the World, and I have.

The slow drip of cash into my Paypal account is testament to this, that people are slowly but surely prepared to take a chance on the unknown girl with the dirty white hair and a gobby attitude. A promise was made yesterday to be more tolerant and understanding of those with whom I don’t agree, but that doesn’t give the world carte blanche to piss on my fireworks without a comeback. Stupidity remains just that, you don’t get a free pass because somehow your opinion’s acceptable to a bunch of like minded strangers. Like the words of the song say:

Oh comedy
Their illusions they have no choice but to believe
Their horizons that just forever recede
And how’s this for irony:
Their idea of being free
Is a prison of beliefs
That they never ever have to leave


2018 is already my year, and it’s only Day Two. I know this not because I’m an arrogant, feisty woman who’ll use your balls for target practice. Men, not all women are out to get you (you know this, right?) or want to have sex with you (sorry, get over yourselves.) If we can get past those two (seeming) intractable obstructions and just treat each other as human beings? It will all get considerably easier down the line. Maybe this is the year that both sexes release minds from disparate anxieties and expectations, allowing everybody to start working on the stuff that really matters, like fixing the complete disaster area we’re making the Planet via our thoughtless actions.

Strap in lovelies, things are about to get considerably more awesome.

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