Cough Cough

I am full on sick now, but it is only cold in head and neck. Judicious use of asthma medication will (touch wood) ensure that I don’t end up with a chest infection. I’ll still do an hour of (gentle) exercise on the bike each night across the weekend. There will be a kip at some point this afternoon, before the tree comes down and I sort out the mess of laundry and washing up. Normally I’d play games to alleviate my state of bleurgh, but all that has served to do since I woke up is to annoy and not relax. It is time to be doing something, anything else.

Anti-inflammatories are my friend, but I’ll only take them when needed. Plenty of rest and fluids, eating when my body prompts, probably having a scalding hot shower after my chores. I can no longer lie and just feel sorry for myself. There’s just too much to do right now, which is actually a blessing. It won’t allow me to worry about getting worse.

I need to focus on getting better.