Orange Crush

It’s been a year since America got a new President.

Quite apart from the growing industry in cottage politics, this guy has been surprisingly good at some things. Most of these seem to involve Social media, inappropriate use of the English language and flat out lying under the assumption that it doesn’t matter whether he’s right or not. Some people will just believe him regardless.

This man is capable of motivating hundreds of thousands of people to march against him, which after a year is a cause for great concern: it means that nothing at all has improved and therefore that the Country is in a fucking terrible state. There is, after all, no working Government right now. This makes the UK look almost competent, which should be stated is nothing to be proud of.

After a year, shit is beginning to fracture a bit. I’m not sure why Chelsea Manning went to the Deplorables New York Orange Twat 1 Year Anniversary Dance, but understand why some of the signs at the Women’s March might have upset. In the end, all these extremes are eventually integrated into mainstream culture, whether they like it or not. The real measure of change is how I feel about it, and you. Everything you read and listen to has been carefully selected by other people as examples of what they think matters: news organisations, friends, social media (though that is finally changing) and what is now apparent is how that process has destroyed large sections of society. It isn’t just fake news, it is rank stupidity that’s an issue, perpetrated by individuals as a means to attract attention.

I suspect those who began all this will gleefully tell their children ‘yeah, I convinced people to eat washing soap’ but I should point out that this kind of snake oil peddling has gone on for hundreds, nay thousands of years. Those branches of humanity who died as a result of ingesting all that shit that should never have been eaten didn’t have a worldwide stage on which to wank, I’ll grant you… but it doesn’t matter. History will only remember you should it be proven a thousand years hence you caused the ultimate destruction of Western Society and I really think the Orange Twat’s a long way ahead of you there.

However, if you want to be that dumb, who am I to stop you?


The most amazing thing after 365 days is that, amazingly, America has not yet imploded. In fact, many parts of it are stronger and more cohesive than was ever the case a year ago. Yes, we can all agree this guy is not doing a great job, and the Approval ratings bear this out. The bigger issue, however, is that as yet I see NOBODY on the horizon as any kind of viable replacement. All I see are idiots putting soap on pizza and getting away with decades of sexual assault and willfully destroying the planet by all flying to the middle of fucking nowhere to discuss money.

There’s still an awful lot in this picture that needs to change for the better.