Look At Me

I read this last night, just before going to bed, and had a genuine WTF moment, because I honestly don’t remember saying that highlighted text, let alone having the foresight to write it down. However, I clearly did, and to have someone I respect in turn cite it as #wisdom?


I honestly am not here to try and lecture or preach. Apparently, this is one of my faults as both mum and wife. Others online have also mentioned before this is how I can sound, and so there’s been a concerted effort in the last six weeks to try and make points without looking as if I’ve got a soapbox. This small victory (for that is what it is) is a sign that I might be on the right, positive path. The fact I don’t remember which post it came from might have bothered me in the past, but as I’m now clearing so much content on any given week, there is less concern.


Due to RL Circumstances, I had to take two rest days last week but still managed my 110 miles. I also got three Gym visits in, which will be the norm going forward (I hope.) I know it will take several weeks to recover from this last seven days, but at least my routine is solid enough now to support the occasional bump in the road. Right now, it’s time to finish my tea, go walk to the Gym for an hour of PT, and then get the last of the week’s scheduled content placed, after which I have a full plan of action to last until Sunday.

If I can keep this going I’ll be beyond grateful, and happily exhausted.