I know there are some men who are continually frustrated and annoyed by the amount of airtime women get in their Social media. Women do not matter in such situations. They are taking important focus and attention away from other issues. Their continued irritation that everybody should be treated fairly goes against Christine doctrine. Their place is, as has always been the way, as a supporter of men. They are here to take care of their needs ahead of their own, their children’s ahead of their own. They are not to be considered as equal, paid as such or considered for particular regard.

There are days online when it is hard to believe that 100 years ago women in this country (some, not all) were recognised as having a right to vote. In fact, looking at what I saw yesterday, there was a reminder that really, very little has changed at all. We may have a notion of freedom, but abuse and anger are still very much prevalent. This isn’t from the older generation either. A whole new group of young men are growing up thinking it is perfectly acceptable to abuse women, apply outdated stereotypes and basically threaten others, mostly without redress.

Not much has changed in a century. In fact, if you put a critical eye to events, the notion of genuine progression is slim at best. Having a woman running the country might seem to indicate change, but we all know the basic truths on our own levels. Abuse is not socially unacceptable, so it keeps happening. Equality does not exist in so many places and is not likely to until the balance of power shifts out of mostly male hands. Even with women in charge, repression and fear remain more prevalent than comfort and understanding. This isn’t about smashing the patriarchy either. There are a lot of women doing as much, if not more damage than their male counterparts.

Not everybody is a hero, and enemies are becoming harder to spot.

I think this is the best way forward. Accept you won’t change everybody, and so start small. Make the changes in the communities you are a part of. Push others to challenge their own preconceptions, and then let them, in turn, have a positive influence elsewhere. I don’t want it to be another 100 years before I see progress for anyone who does not fit the societal norm. Change has to happen now.

I will become the change I wish to create.

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